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In providing these links the Thomas More Institute suggests that they may be of topical interest. The Institute corporately does not necessarily endorse the views expressed, nor does it monitor or endorse the content of external websites.


The Totalitarian Subversion of Modernity (Video)

The Totalitarian Subversion of Modernity: Solzhenitsyn on the Self-Deification of Man and the Origins of the Modern Crisis -- Daniel J. Mahoney

Daniel J. Mahoney argues that ‘the writings of [Alexander] Solzhenitsyn provide unique resources for understanding both the evils of totalitarianism and the limits of democratic euphoria . . . he has a great deal to teach us about the totalitarian temptation that shadows and risks subverting democratic modernity’.

© Intercollegiate Studies Institute (Wilmington, DE)

Educating for Liberty (Video)

Educating for Liberty: Preparing Students for the Demands of Self-Government -- Peter J. Leithart

'Educational questions are always political because they express an institutionally embodied vision of ourselves. And education is an especially charged political issue because educational systems explicitly aim to propel the values of a political community into another generation.’ Peter Leithart argues that a genuine ‘education for liberty’ should be ‘an education in love . . . that trains and guides students to love what is true, good and beautiful’.

© Intercollegiate Studies Institute (Wilmington, DE)

Does Alien Hand Syndrome Refute Free Will? (Audio)

Does Alien Hand Syndrome Refute Free Will? -- William P. Cheshire, Jr.

‘Some psychologists have cited the alien hand syndrome as evidence in support of the philosophical position that human free will does not exist.’ Dr. William Cheshire critically examines such an assertion, arguing that it in fact forms ‘a philosophical conjecture that lacks the scientific status of an empirically verified statement’.

© Trinity International University (Deerfield, IL)

On Justice (Audio)

On Justice -- Michael Sandel

'Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel discusses 3 different theories of Justice in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast: Bentham's, Kant's and Aristotle's.'

© Philosophy Bites

Permanent Bailouts and the European Union (Audio)

Permanent Bailouts and the European Union -- Kishore Jayabalan

'Kishore Jayalaban, Director of Acton's Rome office, appeared on Vatican Radio to discuss the decision made at [the recent] European Union summit to create a "permanent mechanism" to deal with the financial crisis.’

© Acton Institute/Vatican Radio

Demography and Family: Lessons for Developing Nations (Video)

Demography and Family: Lessons for Developing Nations -- Phillip Longman

In a speech to the fifth World Congress of Families, Phillip Longman highlights the alarming global phenomenon of sub-replacement fertility, suggesting that the solution may lie a return to a form of social organisation in which the family is an economically productive group.

© LifeMedia Vision (Holland)

Red Toryism and the Associative State (Video)

Red Toryism and the Associative State -- Phillip Blond

Phillip Blond emphasises 'the growing consensus on both the political left and right that there is something “profoundly wrong” with a late modern Western culture. His solution, fully explained in his book, Red Tory, is the decentralization of political, social and economic power from big government and business to small, local communities. Such decentralization, Mr. Blond believes, can affect the needed political, social, and economic restoration of civil society.'

© Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.)

Should the State Teach Virtues Rather than Values? (Audio)

Education and the State Lecture: Should the State Teach Virtues Rather than Values? -- Phillip Blond

The role of education isn't to carry out the instrumental diktats of society, the role of education is to shape and create a vision of what that society ought to be.  Education is about the good society – if it's not about that, it is not really education, it's something else.'

© University of Cambridge Computing Service (Cambridge, UK)

The Importance of Character in a Free Society (Video)

The Importance of Character in a Free Society -- Lawrence Reed

To a disturbing number of people it seems that insisting on sterling character comes across as too straight-laced and old fashioned.  We see people all the time cutting corners and sacrificing character for power, for money, for attention or other ephemeral gratifications.' Lawrence Reed talks about both the importance of character and the danger of its 'erosion', arguing that 'when a people allow their character to dissipate, to be compromised, they become putty in the hands of tyrants and demagogues'.

© Acton Institute

Socratic Method (Audio)

Socratic Method -- M. M. McCabe

'What is Socratic Method and does it have any present day applications?' In an age in which education is often reduced to 'bite-sized courses' which fail to adequately address their subject matter, M. M. McCabe discusses the Socratic method of questioning, comparing it with modern university teaching.

© Philosophy Bites