Is Natural Law Still Relevant? Notes on a Paradox (Audio/Video)

Is Natural Law Still Relevant? Notes on a Paradox -- Russell Hittinger

The speaker contends, against the view of certain theorists, that a proper account of the natural law does not depend on its being clearer, less disputable, and more publicly accessible than other systems of law.  Rather, its conclusions need to be drawn out by reasoning from complex conclusions known only to those who have received a suitable formation.  The current crisis concerns not the relevance of the natural law, but the relevance of positive human law, which 'finds itself increasingly unable to command our assent, generating a torrent of natural law discourse' which distorts philosophical speculation on the natural law by expecting it to replicate the dispute resolving function of positive law.  Yet, he warns, never has a culture been more dependent upon natural law discourse whilst simultaneously lacking the moral and intellectual resources to conduct such a discourse.

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