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Baroness Scotland - The Rule of Law at The Heart of Government

Baroness Scotland is a barrister and currently Attorney General for England and Wales.
Seminar held on Wednesday 14 May 2008


Dr Fernando Cervantes – A Question of Conscience: The Modern Relevance of Cervantes and Shakespeare

Dr. Fernando Cervantes is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Bristol
Seminar on Wednesday 7 November 2007                                                                     


Prof. Seamus Grimes – Seeking Common Ground for a Just Society

Prof. Seamus Grimes is Professor of Geography at the National University of Ireland, Galway
Seminar on Wednesday 16 April 2008                                                                 

Robin Aitken – Towards a Moral Perspective in Mass Media

Robin Aitken is an author and former BBC reporter
Seminar held in Glasgow
Thursday 24 April 2008

Prof. Philip Booth – Tax and the Role of Government

Prof. Philip Booth is Editorial and Programme Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs
Joint seminar with the ESCP–EAP, and held on their premises, on Wednesday 7 May 2008

Dr. Tom Pink – How to Think about Freedom

Dr. Tom Pink is Reader in Philosophy at King's College London, and is Director of the Centre for Philosophical Studies
Seminar on Tuesday 4 December 2007                                             


Dr. Jude Chua Soo Meng – Richard Dawkins, Public Reasons and Atheism

Dr. Jude Chua Soo Meng is Asst. Prof. of Policy & Leadership Studies in the National Inst. of Education, Nanyang Technological University; Also a Visiting Research Fellow, TMI
Seminar on Wednesday 5 March 2008                                                  

Prof. Philip Booth – The Role of the State in Economic Life

Prof. Philip Booth is Editorial and Programme Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, and Professor of Insurance and Risk Management at Cass Business School
Seminar on Wednesday 10 October 2007                                        

Tim Golden – The Cult of the Immediate: Communications Technologies and their Impact on Society

Tim Golden is a software developer, integrator and editor of goodtoread.org
Seminar on Wednesday 23 January 2008

Michael Clancy, O.B.E. – 'Give to Caesar what Really Belongs to Caesar'

Michael Clancy is a Solicitor
Seminar held in Glasgow
Thursday 4 October 2007                                                                  

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