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Prof. Neil Scolding - Stem Cells: Principles and Politics, Pitfalls and Progress

Prof. Neil Scolding is currently Burden Professor of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Bristol
Seminar held on 30 June 2009

Roy Schoeman - Common and Disparate Elements in the Ethics of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Mr Schoeman is a Jewish convert to Catholicism who writes and speaks on religious topics
Seminar held on 17 June 2009

Dr. Haruo Tohmatsu - Academic Conscience or History of Politics?

Dr. Haruo Tohmatsu is currently a professor of International Relations at Tamagawa University, Tokyo
Seminar held on 26 May 2009

Lord Justice Maurice Kay - Discretion and Subjectivity in Judicial Decision-Making

Rt. Hon. Maurice Kay has been a Lord Justice of Appeal since 2004. He previously practised as a Q.C. and a High Court Judge
Seminar on Wednesday 29 April 2009

David Quinn - Religion in Europe and the New Moral Absolutism

David Quinn is the founder and director of the Iona Institute, Ireland.
Seminar held in Glasgow
Thursday 26 March 2009

Please note the following text is an outline of the paper presented at the seminar.

Religious believers are often accused of seeking to impose their morality upon others and of not respecting the separation of Church and State. They are told to keep their beliefs to themselves and to stay out of the public arena.

Dr. James Le Fanu - Doubts About Darwin

Dr. James Le Fanu combines medical general practice with writing a twice-weekly column for the Telegraph newspapers
Seminar on Wednesday 25 March 2009                

Baroness Greenfield - ID: The Quest for Identity in the 21st Century

Professor Susan Greenfield is Director of the Royal Institution and Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford

Seminar on Tuesday 9 December 2008            

The speaker was interviewed about her latest book, of the same title, by Dr. Tom Pink, Reader in Philosophy at King's College London. Her other books include The Human Brain: A Guided Tour (1997), The Private Life of the Brain (2000), and Tomorrow’s People: How 21st-Century Technology is Changing the Way We Think and Feel (2003). She has spun off four companies from her research. In 2006 she was installed as Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University and voted ‘Honorary Australian of the Year’. In 2007 she was made Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.         

Theodore Dalrymple - Our Culture and the Frivolity of Evil

'Theodore Dalrymple' is the pen name of Anthony Daniels, a retired psychiatrist who has written widely about culture, art, politics, education, and medicine.  A former prison doctor, he has witnessed the effects of drug use and other social pathologies on the lower rungs of society. His latest book is In Praise of Prejudice: The Necessity of Preconceived Ideas.
Seminar on Wednesday 12 November                           

Dr. Sam Gregg - Credit Crunch, Character Crisis

Dr. Sam Gregg is Director of Research at The Acton Insititute.
Joint seminar with the ESCP–EAP, and held on their premises, on Wednesday 22 October 2008              

Prof. Roger Trigg - Religious Freedom

Professor Roger Trigg is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick
Seminar on Wednesday 24 September 2008   
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