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Dr. Robin Harris – Croatia since Communism: Values, Structures, Prospects

Dr. Robin Harris, C.B.E., is a former adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He is now a free lance journalist and policy analyst, consultant director of Politeia (London) and Visiting Fellow of the Heritage Foundation (Washington, D.C.). He is also the author of Dubrovnik - A History, and was awarded the Order of the Croatian Morning Star for cultural services by the President of Croatia in 2008.

Seminar held on 26 May 2010


Dr. Michael Platt - Pain, Suffering, and 'Loss of Dignity': Valid Reasons for Killing?

Dr. Michael Platt is Senior Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Pain Medicine and Anaesthetics at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and practises in the area of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care.

Seminar held on 28 April 2010

James MacMillan - The Musical Search for the Sacred in Modernity

James MacMillan is a composer and conductor, whose music is played all over the world. His work is, in many instances, shaped by his Catholic faith, which has also become the basis for lectures and articles he delivers on the interface between theology and culture.
Seminar held on 24 February 2010

Dr. Manuel Corpas - Prenatal Diagnosis Pre-empts Eugenics

Dr. Manuel Corpas is currently development lead of a database of human genetic variation and took a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics at the University of Manchester. He speaks in a purely personal capacity.
Seminar held on 9 December 2009.

Michael Woolgar – Whatever Happened to Honour? Reflections on Ethics in Business with Some References to Government

Michael Woolgar has an economics, project development and finance background with experience as an economist in several multi-national oil companies, banks, and international organisations.
Seminar held on 11 November 2009

Dr. Dermot Grenham - Greasing Palms or Oiling Wheels: The Impact of Corruption on Developing Countries

Dr. Dermot Grenham holds a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Oxford and a specialist master’s degree in population and development from the London School of Economics. He is a part-time tutorial fellow at the L.S.E.’s Development Studies Institute and a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.
Seminar held on 26 January 2010

Alexander Boot - Egotism and Modernity in Leo Tolstoy

This seminar marks the British launch of Alexander Boot's book, God and Man According to Tolstoy (Basingstoke, 2009), to which reference is made in the text.
Seminar held on 23 September 2009

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