Ethics in Public Life

Lord Brennan, QC – Truth and Conscience in Politics and the Law

Lord Brennan, QC was Chairman of the Bar, England and Wales, 1999
Seminar on 14 October 2004                  

Leo F Goodstadt – Expediency or Principles in Managing Political Crises: the Hong Kong Experience

Leo F Goodstadt was Chief Policy Advisor to the Hong Kong Government, 1989-1997
Seminar on 8 September 2004

George Weigel – Religious Conviction and Democratic Pluralism

George Weigel is Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington D.C.
Seminar on 20 May 2004

Sir Michael Quinlan – The Just War tradition: is it still relevant?

Sir Michael Quinlan was Permanent Under-Secretary, Department of Defence, 1988-1992
Seminar on 24 March 2004

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