Human Rights

Baroness Scotland - The Rule of Law at The Heart of Government

Baroness Scotland is a barrister and currently Attorney General for England and Wales.
Seminar held on Wednesday 14 May 2008


Ben Rogers – Faith and Hope in the Fight for Freedom: Stories from the Frontlines of Human Rights Advocacy

Ben Rogers is Advocacy Officer for South Asia at Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW)
Seminar on Wednesday 31 May 2007                                                 

Prof. Janne Haaland Matláry – Democracy and Human Rights in Europe: The Problem of Relativism

Prof. Janne Haaland Matláry is Professor of International Politics, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo
Seminar on Wednesday 9 May 2007                                           

Prof. Cristóbal Orrego – Human Rights & Wrongs: Exceptionless Moral Principles

Prof. Cristóbal Orrego is Professor of Legal Philosophy, University of the Andes, Chile
Seminar on Tuesday 5 December 2006                         

Prof. Conor Gearty – The Changing Basis of Human Rights Law

Prof. Conor Gearty is Professor of Human Rights Law, London School of Economics
Seminar on 11 January 2006                                                      

H.E. Mr. Claver Gatete – Justice, Reconciliation and Good Governance: the Case of Rwanda a Decade on

H.E. Mr. Claver Gatete is Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda
Seminar on 7 December 2005                                                                 

Prof. Roger Hood – The Death Penalty: the Move towards Worldwide Abolition

Prof. Roger Hood is Professor Emeritus of Criminology, University of Oxford
Seminar on 9 November 2005                                                             

Dr. Samuel Gregg – The Challenge of Ordering Liberty: Constitutionalism and a Free Society

Dr. Samuel Gregg is Director of Research, Acton Institute, U.S.A.
Seminar on 24 November 2004                                                                                                

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