Man and Society

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Francis Davis - Beyond Bureaucracy: The ‘Big Society’ After the Spending Review

Francis Davis is a UK ministerial policy Adviser on the ‘Big Society’, having previously been Adviser to the former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. He is a Visiting Fellow in Civic Innovation at the Helen Suzman Foundation, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Transcript coming soon.

Dr. Jacqueline Laing - Institutionalising Homicide, Vested Interests and Freedom of Conscience

Dr. Jaqueline Laing is Director of Juris, a forum for jurisprudential discussion at London Metropolitan University where she teaches Jurisprudence and Criminal Law. She took her doctorate in Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford, after studying philosophy and law at the Australian National University. She has taught at Oxford, briefly at the Open University, and at Melbourne. She practised law as a Crown Prosecutor and as Associate to Justice of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory and Federal Court of Australia. She has contributed to numerous broadcast discussions on medical law and ethics. Her publications include Human Lives: Critical Essays on Consequentialist Bioethics, and articles in academic journals, both legal and philosophical. Founder of Juris at City Campus, she helped organise the Juris inaugural conference ‘Disability Matters: Exploring Contemporary Disability and Welfare Issues’, and ‘Life and Death Matters: Disability Rights and Incapacity’ at London Metropolitan University.

Jaqueline Laing gave a seminar at the Thomas More Institute on 26 September 2010. The following is a paper by her published earlier on the same topic.

James MacMillan - The Musical Search for the Sacred in Modernity

James MacMillan is a composer and conductor, whose music is played all over the world. His work is, in many instances, shaped by his Catholic faith, which has also become the basis for lectures and articles he delivers on the interface between theology and culture.
Seminar held on 24 February 2010

Baroness Greenfield - ID: The Quest for Identity in the 21st Century

Professor Susan Greenfield is Director of the Royal Institution and Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford

Seminar on Tuesday 9 December 2008            

The speaker was interviewed about her latest book, of the same title, by Dr. Tom Pink, Reader in Philosophy at King's College London. Her other books include The Human Brain: A Guided Tour (1997), The Private Life of the Brain (2000), and Tomorrow’s People: How 21st-Century Technology is Changing the Way We Think and Feel (2003). She has spun off four companies from her research. In 2006 she was installed as Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University and voted ‘Honorary Australian of the Year’. In 2007 she was made Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.         

Theodore Dalrymple - Our Culture and the Frivolity of Evil

'Theodore Dalrymple' is the pen name of Anthony Daniels, a retired psychiatrist who has written widely about culture, art, politics, education, and medicine.  A former prison doctor, he has witnessed the effects of drug use and other social pathologies on the lower rungs of society. His latest book is In Praise of Prejudice: The Necessity of Preconceived Ideas.
Seminar on Wednesday 12 November                           

Dr Fernando Cervantes – A Question of Conscience: The Modern Relevance of Cervantes and Shakespeare

Dr. Fernando Cervantes is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Bristol
Seminar on Wednesday 7 November 2007                                                                     


Prof. Seamus Grimes – Seeking Common Ground for a Just Society

Prof. Seamus Grimes is Professor of Geography at the National University of Ireland, Galway
Seminar on Wednesday 16 April 2008                                                                 

Robin Aitken – Towards a Moral Perspective in Mass Media

Robin Aitken is an author and former BBC reporter
Seminar held in Glasgow
Thursday 24 April 2008

Dr. Tom Pink – How to Think about Freedom

Dr. Tom Pink is Reader in Philosophy at King's College London, and is Director of the Centre for Philosophical Studies
Seminar on Tuesday 4 December 2007                                             


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