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Stephen Green – Capital and The Kingdom: The Impact of Globalisation on Human Consciousness

Stephen Green is Group Chief Executive, HSBC Holdings plc
Seminar on 16 June 2005                                                                          

Prof. Sir Brian Harrison – The 'Sixties' in Historical Retrospect

Prof. Sir Brian Harrison was Editor of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography from 2000 to 2004
Seminar on Thursday 19 May 2005                          

Dr. Gerard Casey – Heavens Above! The Relation of Ethics and Economics

Dr. Gerard Casey was Head of the Department of Philosophy, University College Dublin (2001-2006)
Seminar on 19 January 2005

Dr. Samuel Gregg – The Challenge of Ordering Liberty: Constitutionalism and a Free Society

Dr. Samuel Gregg is Director of Research, Acton Institute, U.S.A.
Seminar on 24 November 2004                                                                                                

Lord Brennan, QC – Truth and Conscience in Politics and the Law

Lord Brennan, QC was Chairman of the Bar, England and Wales, 1999
Seminar on 14 October 2004                  

Leo F Goodstadt – Expediency or Principles in Managing Political Crises: the Hong Kong Experience

Leo F Goodstadt was Chief Policy Advisor to the Hong Kong Government, 1989-1997
Seminar on 8 September 2004

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